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Creator of high quality skincare products.

Our vision has always been to create peerless skincare products of the highest quality. Our research team constantly conducts extensive research for every single one of our new products, sourcing natural ingredients to the highest possible degree. Our primary concern and effort is to include high quantities of sustainable, natural ingredients in our products. Our products are packaged by hand and our packaging reflects the artwork of different painters.

It all starts with a thorough cleansing
essentially the first step to healthy skin

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A Little Of Our Story

From the very start, FOS Cosmetics has pursued a science-led approach to product research and development therefore launching new products only after rigorous research and control procedures. And this has allowed us to produce high-quality cosmetics, ensuring the best possible outcome for your skin.

We had first launched our initial brand line of soaps following 8 years of extensive research. These first, handcrafted cleansing bars with cocoa butter, utilised our premier, innovative and unique soap formula, possibly containing the highest percentage of cocoa butter in the market. We continued progressively this process with the development of our Detox & Balance facial bar soap with bamboo active charcoal and wheat-germ oil.

We have always exhibited exceptional interest in the principles of pharmacognosy and, more specifically, in the benefits of exotic vegetable butters and Mediterranean plants. In this way we make certain that all of our products' ingredients are sourced from the most reputable suppliers worldwide. Hence, adopting both traditional and modern methods of technology, always in accordance with the established cosmetology procedures, we work with great zeal from our Idalion-based lab in Cyprus, to develop new, innovative, skincare products.

FOS Cosmetics is both Fairtrade and RSPO certified. Meaning that you, our customer, purchase sustainable, ethically-sourced products which protect and most benefit people, animals, and the environment.

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