Creator of high quality skin care products.

Our vision has always been to create the most efficient, high quality skin care products. We constantly conduct extensive research for each of our products, sourcing natural and laboratory-derived ingredients which have been consistently proven to be the safest and most effective. And we always try to include high quantities of Fairtrade, sustainable, or organic ingredients in our products. Our products are packaged by hand, and our packaging reflects the artwork of different painters.

Our soaps are made from scratch,
with all natural indredients

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A Little Of Our Story

From the very start, FOS Cosmetics has pursued a science-led approach to product research and development, launching new products only after a rigorous research process. This allows us to produce natural formulations of the purest quality and efficacy.

We launched our initial brand line after 8 years of intensive study. These first handcrafted cleansing bars utilised our unique soap formula, containing possibly the highest percentage of cocoa butter in the market. We followed this with the development of our Black Face Bar with bamboo active charcoal and wheat-germ oil.

Especially interested in the principles of pharmacognosy and the benefits of exotic vegetable butters and Mediterranean plants, we source our ingredients from the most reputable local suppliers as well as Fairtrade and organic-certified small traders from Africa and Latin America. Adopting both traditional and modern technology with established cosmetology procedures, we work from our small lab in Idalion, Cyprus, to develop new skin care products, research different botanical formulations and create new prototypes.

FOS is both Fairtrade and RSPO certified.
That means you, the customer, are purchasing ethically-sourced,
sustainable products which most benefit the people, animals, and environment.

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